South to North


0 km
33.5 km on main

Intersection Cherry Point Road and Telegraph Road
Go straight through the intersection on Telegraph Road. Do not turn right on Cherry Point Road.

2.7 km

Intersection Telegraph Road and Bench Road
This is a 4 way intersection. Bench School is on your right. Proceed straight through the intersection. If you want to hook up to the main Rotary Route, turn right and proceed east towards the water at Cowichan Bay.
3.5 km
Intersection Telegraph Road and Koksilah Road
Turn left. You are now heading west on Koksilah Road.
5.5 km
Intersection Koksilah Road and Trans Canada Highway

This is a light controlled intersection. Proceed straight through the intersection heading west. If you turn right and follow the Trans Canada Highway you will end up in Duncan in about 6 kms.

As you proceed along Koksilah Road you will pass many artisans' residences. You are also heading in the general direction of many of the wineries in the Cowichan Valley. Koksilah Road is a very attractive rural country road. However, it is also very hilly and there are no shoulders.
7.0 km
Intersection Koksilah Road and Lakeside Road
If you proceeded approximately 2 km to your left or south on Lakeside Road, you will find the Blue Grouse Winery.
7.6 km
Overpass (Esquimalt to Nanaimo Railway Company)
You will come to the overpass of the Esquimalt to Nanaimo Railway Company. Just before this overpass there is a very interesting bed and breakfast called Gem O' the Isle with a statuary garden on the grounds. This is well worth a stop. You are now in the settlement known as Cowichan Station /cowval/cowstat.html
8.0 km
Bridge Over Koksilah River
There is a small park with a swimming hole to your left.
8.5 km
Koksilah Road/Cowichan Station Area

You will pass a “T” intersection. If you turn right here you will hit Bright Angel Park
which is a lovely park along the shores of the Koksilah River. There is a large picnic area here. In this vicinity on your left will be open rolling farm fields. This is a very attractive cycling route. The traffic on Koksilah Road is generally local traffic and is usually very light.

10.6 km
Fairbridge Farm
On your right is the Fairbridge Farm subdivision. Take a little side trip and go through this subdivision. From the 1920's through the 1940's this area was operated as a home for poor children from the British Isles. The girls were trained in domestic service and the boys were trained to do farm work. There is a cairn commemorating the Fairbridge Farm Society on the left hand side of the road.
12.9 km
Intersection of Miller Road and Koksilah Road
Bear to the right here and continue on Koksilah Road. If you bear to the left you will be on Miller Road and it will take you to a number of the wineries including the Zanatta Winery . To get to the wineries just follow the signs.
13.6 km
Intersection Koksilah Road and Allenby Road
Turn left here. You are now in an industrial area. Continue west along Allenby Road. The Cowichan River will soon be on your right. You are taking the “back route” into downtown Duncan.
15.0 km
Intersection Allenby Road/Miller Road/Glenora Road
You are at a strange intersection. On your left is Miller Road and Glenora Road. Turn right and cross the Silver Bridge that crosses the Cowichan River. You will be passing through an Indian Reserve.
15.7 km

Intersection Koksilah Road and Trunk Road
Downtown Duncan

If you continue straight through this intersection you will soon be at the Duncan City Hall. Turn right on Trunk and it will take you back towards the Trans Canada Highway. You are now in the heart of the City of Duncan and it is obvious. There are many shopping centers and commercial establishments on both sides of the road. Unfortunately, this is not comfortable cycling but it only lasts about a kilometre until you are back on relatively safe rural roads.
16.3 km
Intersection Trunk Road and Trans Canada Highway
This is a major intersection controlled by a light. Proceed straight through this intersection heading east again. Stay on Trunk Road bearing left.
17.5 km
Intersection Lakes Road and Trunk Road
This intersection is controlled by a light. Turn left here. There will be a sign pointing towards Crofton. Keep going north on Lakes Road . There is a short but steep hill at approximately km. 18.
19.4 km
Intersection Lakes Road and Wicks Road
Lakes bears to the right. Stay on Lakes Road . There is a good wide shoulder here for cycling. On your right you have views of Quamichan Lake and you are now back in the countryside.
22.5 km
Intersection Lakes Road and Herd Road and Richards Trail

Turn right on Herd, and then immediately turn left on Richards Trail . If you continued on down Herd Road you would connect with Osborne Bay Road which is part of the main Rotary Route . Shortly after the intersection of Richards Trail and Herd Road you will pass the Cowichan Rugby Club.

Richards Trail is a very rural road but is an excellent cycle touring route. It is quite hilly but there is virtually no traffic on Richards Trail and the countryside is very attractive. Despite its name, Richards Trail is paved.
28.3 km
Intersection Richards Trail and Westholme Road
Turn right here. You go up a short sharp hill.
30.4 km
Westholme Road/E & N Railway
At kilometre 30.4 of Westholme Road you will cross over the E & N Railroad tracks. Immediately afterwards you are in another aboriginal reserve.
32.4 km
Intersection of the Crofton Road and Westholme Road
Go straight through this intersection and it immediately becomes Chemainus Road . You are now back on the main Rotary Route at km 67.